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I can't make Unity 3D work on my old PowerBook with a Mobility Radeon 9700.

The only option on PowerPC is opensource drivers (AFAIK). So everything is setup now and Graphic Acceleration appears to work as expected (tested using glxgears -info).

unity_support_test -p shows
Unity 3D supported: yes

However, when I launch unity, the following line is displayed:

compiz (core) - Info : Unity is not supported by your hardware. Enabling software rendering instead (slow).

No other logs indicates that my graphic card is missing some feature.

Then, unity failed miserably (LLVMpipe does not exists on PowerPC).

The question is: Why unity_support_test tell that unity is supported, but not unity? Are they out of sync?

I got this problem with 12.10 first, but I am now trying with 13.04 and got the same behavior.

If I run unity_support_test with the -i (--indirect) option, then I have

Unity 3D supported: no


GL vertex buffer object: no

I am not sure why I have a different result because of the -i option, but is there any workaround?

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