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I have a win7 host running ubuntu guest through vbox. it is configured with a bridged network adapter and I am using DHCP to assign an ip of to the guest which is mapped to in my windows hosts file. I havent done anything to hosts on the ubuntu side.

I am testing a website and need sendmail working. I have installed sendmail, but the mails aren't being sent. When i look through the mail error logs I can see lots of lines like this:

Jan 14 17:00:01 djw-ss sm-msp-queue[2771]: My unqualified host name (djw-ss) unknown; sleeping for retry
Jan 14 17:01:02 djw-ss sm-msp-queue[2771]: unable to qualify my own domain name (djw-ss) -- using short name

Can anyone tell me how to get this working? Strange thing is I have a similar setup on another vb - I dont think I've done anything different and it works just fine out of the box.

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Edit your /etc/hosts exactly as below:   localhost.localdomain localhost   djw-ss.localdomain    djw-ss

Check in your /var/log/mail.err file for the time of the last errors you had.

Reboot the system.

In your /var/log/mail.err you should not have anymore errors in this logfile.

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After changing it, instead of rebooting the system, you could open the log viewer, and then restart sendmail via service sendmail restart. If the above is still happening, it will sho in your logs – Goldentoa11 Nov 8 '13 at 13:33

djw-ss should resolve to your computer.

The easier way is to add djw-ss to you host file (in Ubuntu) as alias.

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Sorry for the delay in trying this. I have included djw-ss as an alias. But djw-ss was already an entry as, I have commented this out and done as you suggested but sendmail, still isn't working. I'm getting the same entries in the error log. – WebweaverD Jan 29 '13 at 14:53

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