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When typing Esc within an Emacs window under Unity (Emacs 23 standard package), the sound is turned on/off, but Emacs does not receive the key.

How can I change (probably) unity such that the Esc and also the other function keys are interpreted by Emacs?

A very crude workaround that always works in (GNU) Emacs is to use C+[ in place of Esc.

The question Why is the meta key is not working when using Emacs? does not apply because this was about using Emacs within a gnome-terminal, but I use Emacs directly under X.

Another option is to type Fn+Esc which produces Esc within Emacs and also works for the function keys; but I want the keys directly.

Edit: For some reasons that I cannot reproduce, Esc now works. It might be related to doing some xmodmaps.

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It looks to me like you are having some sort of function-lock enabled.

A simple way of accessing the meta key is to use the alt key.

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This problem has been solved, probably by a recent update of 12.04. That is, when I press ESC I see now ESC- in the echo area!

Edit: The problem comes back after some time. But pressing Fn ESC gives one the real Escape key...

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