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I installed and configured VAAPI support and mplayer-vaapi on my Asus 1015BX. Now when watching 1080p HD movies the average CPU usage is around 25%. Is it a correct usage? Or it is still too much?

My Laptop:

Asus 1015BX CPU: AMD C-60 Dual Core 1.00 GHz GPU: Radeon 6290

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With a 1.0 GHz processor that's a brilliant result I would say for a regular bitrate 1080p movie.

Keep in mind that only video decoding is offloaded. Other stuff like sound, demuxing the container (e.g. MKV), I/O operations, etc. are still CPU-bound.

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ok , Thanks!!!! – user123385 Jan 15 '13 at 10:41

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