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My situation is so that I have two different ubuntu server with apache and DNS server installed on them each of which serves and hosts a couple of websites. Before I had static IP's for them with port forwarding but now I have just an ADSL dynamic IP at my new place!

I have my router (D-Link) connected behind to the ADSL router. How can I solve this problem and resolve dynamic IP's so that I do not need to configure servers every day? I read a little bit about DynDNS and would like to know how can I have ddclient installed without having DYnDNS account? IS there any free solution for my problem on Linux? How can I do that?

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Are both the servers connected to the same router? In that case you can configure your router to assign static IPs to these servers – blvdeer Jan 15 '13 at 8:53

You can use ddclient with free services such as No-IP.

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