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This may sound a little pointless, but being able to do this would make a world of difference to me. Call it OCD, and you're probably right, but, but...!

So; I was wondering if there is some obscure compiz setting, or any modification I can do, so that in a Unity3D environment, programs I launch start up at the same desktop they're launched.

It might not be too clear so let me elaborate with an example: My job requires me to multitask a lot. I'm constantly opening different edition programs which take a while to load. The way I do it is I usually switch to the next desktop, open the program there and switch back to whatever I was doing. The problem is that after loading is over, the program I launched will appear in the "first" desktop, interrupting my work.

I wish I could be using Desktop 1 to work, switch to Desktop 2, launch an application, and have it pop up on Desktop 2 when it's done loading, regardless of my current whereabouts.

Any way to do this? Thank you very much.

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