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Hey guys I downloaded the latest version of netbeans from their site. Also downloaded latest JDK from Oracle.

Installed both of them but whenever I am opening netbeans and trying to create a new project its giving me this jdk error

System not allowing me to post images so here is the link.

while jdk has already been installed. Please help me.


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You might want to remove what you installed because that might conflict whith what eclipse want's to pull down.

Why on earth would you want to run netbeans on a linux. Netbeans is primarily designed for windows, and while they "support" linux (according to them) that stuff dosen't really works.

My recommendation to you is to use eclipse instead. In a terminal run:

apt-get install eclipse

And this will download everything needed for java development. (Also on a personal note: Eclipse's workspace management makes more sense than netbeans'.)

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