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I am trying to write a bash script that is iterating through sub directories where parts of the path are identical. Maybe best is to show an example:


  • /path/same/
  • /path2/same/
  • /path3/same/

Then I want to "do something" to all files contained in those directories and save them in another of those sub directories.


  • /path/another/
  • /path2/another/
  • /path3/another/

I guess it has to be done with some kind of

for i in /*/same/* ; do
    ... do something with $i ...

loop, but somehow all I try ends up not returning anything in $i.

any tips? thanks :)

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for i in /*/same/*; do searches only for directories two levels from the system root (/var/same, /home/same etc) - you probably want */same/* or ./*/same/*. – chronitis Feb 6 '13 at 14:08

Your example code looks good to me. How many files do you have in these directories? There is a limit for wildcard expansion. In this case you should use find, for example like that:

find /path*/same | while read i ; do echo "do something with file: $i" ; done
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