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Fresh (1 week old) install of Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit version on a ThinkPad Edge 15, specs as follows:

System specs (site wouldn't let me hotlink the image)

I think the swap is about 2GB but can't remember how to check.

Problems encountered:

  • General slow desktop performance; switching tabs in Chrome can take 5-10 seconds, windows frequently stop responding, fading to a translucent grey before coming back to life
  • Super button takes 2-3 seconds to load Dash on fresh boot, but with basic programs (Chrome, Thunderbird) open after a few minutes then takes up to 1:30 to open up.
  • Trying to restart the system, closing about half of the open programs crashed them
  • Loading the system driver update window caused a crazy bug where the every time I switched back to the System Settings window it would try to open whatever icon was selected again, like the Return keypress event was repeating.
  • Staying in any one program for a while tends to improve that program; staying in Chrome tab switching now takes under 1s, but switching away and back causes slowness.
  • Opening system monitor seems to show compiz taking ~25% cpu usage even when not much stuff is going on. Sadly we have a dead/alive cat situation too, as system monitor also seems to sit at 15-20% cpu usage when monitoring anything else.

As an additional point, taking measurements just now showed Thunderbird at a ridiculous 565MB memory usage; previously it only ever hovered at about 200MB. Maybe not the problem, but may be related.

In case it helps anyone, here's my Xorg.0.log file. There's some mention of the graphics card right near the bottom.

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Well, you could try the latest intel drivers from here: but this might as well make things even worse.

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Is that done by adding the PPA and then sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel? What do I do if this makes things worse, or not better? – M1ke Jan 16 '13 at 17:46
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Forgot I'd never posted an answer on here or accepted one. I eventually solved this problem by replacing unity with gnome 2, all performance issues vanished pretty much straight away.

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