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Due to heating issues I switched to a lighter version of Ubuntu i.e Lubuntu 12.10 from Ubuntu 12.04 . I was using Everpad in Ubuntu 12.04 without problems, but can't get it going on Lubuntu 12.10.

The issue is that after I authorize I am thrown back to Everpad Settings/Management console and instead of de-authorize I see authorize in the Authorization section of software. I've tried to re-install the s/w and tried deleting the .everpad directory in my home directory but it doesn't help.

I installed the software following the instructions in Everpad 2.0 released with new features

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According to the link you provided, Everpad seems very customized for Unity. You could try asking at the ppa's Launchpad page or in the Lubuntu mailing list. – user25656 Jan 14 '13 at 11:00
According to the blog link, the ppa is ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa. But this Launchpad page also has ppa:nvbn-rm/everpad-usc. – user25656 Jan 15 '13 at 3:52
@vasa1, I was able to find a work-around for this persistent issue by installing gnome-shell but everytime I need to make changes to software or even sync I have to go choose gnome-de and make the changes. One can find details/screenshot of the issue on – Ankit Jan 15 '13 at 9:20

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