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On my windows machine I have a few utilities which makes it easy to copy/move large numbers of files from and to different directories, Teracopy is the one I use most. I cannot do the same on my (K)Ubuntu boxes because all file IO operations execute at the same time and there's no native way to queue files; see a list of files currently lined up for moving/coping; pause, resume, stop individual files etc.

Is there a better file copy/move utility for (K)ubuntu?

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Feature request on KDE bugtracker: KDE bug #259512 – gertvdijk Jan 14 '13 at 10:12
Krusader works for me. I love the GUI.. – user262143 Mar 26 '14 at 5:34

Krusader is a dual-window file manager for KDE which was inspired by other great file managers like Midnight Commander oder Total Commander on MS Windows Systems.

You can queue file copy/move actions without any problems - just select the files you want to copy, press first F5 and then F2 right afterwards to put the command in a queue. Moving files functions accordingly by pressing F6 and F2 afterwards.

You can install Krusader by opening a terminal


and typing

sudo apt-get install krusader

I hope you like it - enjoy! :)

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