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I use Ubuntu on my Mac with VMWare Fusion. I setup share folders.

enter image description here

However, I don't have anything in /mnt/hgfs

enter image description here

I did have the shared directories, but they're not there. What's wrong with this, and how can I link them back again?

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I reinstalled the 'vmware tools' (Virtual Machine -> Install VMWare tools', and it's working now.

I remember the menu was 'Update VMWare tools', but I found it changed to 'Install VMWare tools' when I had the trouble.


I could use sshfs to access the directories in ubuntu.

  1. Install sshfs sudo port install sshfs in Mac
  2. Create the directory in Mac mkdir ~/mnt/ubuntu
  3. Link the network directory to the directory that you created sshfs user@ip:DIRECTORY ~/mnt/ubuntu
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