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Hi I recently discovered avahi. It help you when you when to resolve hostname for the local network. But in my situation i've got a issue.

I decided to host a machine called "a.alpha" and a another called "b.aplha". In a near futur i will also use some machine called "a.beta" and "b.beta". My probleme is that from "a.alpha" i can resolv "a.alpha.local" hostname, but currently i can't resolv "a.aplha.local" from b.alpha.

So when i will decide to use the ".beta" extension, i will have some issues.

Is it normal that the machine "a.alpha" doesn't expos the entire hostname to mdns ?

I know i can change the naming method (saying use a-alpha instead of a.alpha). But i like it this way.

So the quesiton is: Is it possible to use dotted name in the /etc/hostname and to resolve it using avahi?

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