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In windows machine I am used to tap the Alt key and I have normally focus on the menu toolbars, like "File", "Edit", "View" and so on. Is there any equivalent for Ubuntu? Because, right now, if I hit the Alt key I get the "type your command" option.

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"Because, right now, if I hit the "ALT" key I get the "type your command" option." - Which is the HUD and is basically a glorified version of what you want, as it says type what you're looking for. – Uri Herrera Jan 13 '13 at 19:31
you are so right, completely forgot about that feature of the Ubuntu. Thanks! – nunos Jan 13 '13 at 20:00

I don't use the HUD that much, so I changed its shortcut to Alt+z and now Alt focuses the menu bar.

1: Open "System Settings"

2: Navigate to "Keyboard" and switch to the "Shortcuts" tab.

3: Under "Launchers" in the left column will be "Key to Show the HUD"

4: Click on "Alt" in the other end of the row and press the key you want to use instead. (In my case Alt+z)

enter image description here

This will actually set all Alt based shortcuts to what they would normally be, for example Alt+d focuses the address bar.

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Because Unity works differently from Windows, the equivalent in Ubuntu is press alt to open the dash and then start typing the menu name that you want.

It is very useful if you just remember the menu item but not the parent menu that the item belongs to.

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Hold down Alt for about a second to make the the menu bar become visible. Then press the keyboard button with the same letter as is underlined (mnemonic) of the word in the menu bar you want to open.

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