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I tried f.lux, and I like what it does (automatically adjust the color balance of your monitors depending on time of day), but it seems to work on only 1 of my monitors.

Can I configure it to work on all of them? If not, what other apps can I use that do?

I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with 2 NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420s connected to 4 DELL 2007FPs.

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I had the same problem with -m vidmode but when I used -m randr instead, both monitor changed.

For example, I use:

gtk-redshift -l 49.2:-123.1 6500:3700 -b 0.7 -g 0.8 -m randr -v

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I tried Redshift, and was able to get it to affect all monitors by running multiple instances targeting specific screens.

Basically I have something like this in a script:


for i in {0..3} 
   redshift -m vidmode:screen=$i -t 5500:4000 &

There are probably much better ways to accomplish what I need to do, but this seems to work for now.

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