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1) I tried the methods given in the forum without much luck. I have a Sony Vaio Windows 8 -preinstalled laptop. I downloaded ubuntu and copied it to flash drive and tried to reboot - I get a message the flash drive is empty - when the flash drive clearly has Ubuntu.

2)The other problem is I had earlier tried to install using Windows installer, I got an error message but the screen goes back to a page offering me the choice of the operating system between Ubuntu and Windows 8. When I click Ubuntu I get the error message again re the missing boot file.

I would appreciate some help

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Have you created bootable flash drive? If yes, what program have you used for it? And what is displaying you message that the flash drive is empty? – user35443 Jan 13 '13 at 16:46

try taking the ubuntu iso file and burning it to a cd or make a bootable iso mounted to a flash drive. if you jist copy over the files then it is not bootable. the easiest way to do it is to burn to usb, then boot from there

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I've been through this recently with a Sony Vaio T13 with Windows 8 preinstalled, in principle it should be possible to do a dual boot with Ubuntu 12.10 64bit which knows all about UEFI and SecureBoot but I couldn't get it to work. Instead I installed Ubuntu into a VirtualBox virtual machine which was a much easier operation, description here.

I believe you can expect a performance hit of about 10% for running in a virtual machine but I was happy to accept that.

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