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I have a PowerPC G4 with two drives (one running Mac OSX server) that I would like to install Ubuntu on, however I am attempting to boot from a livecd first, to check that everything works correctly.

I am using a Live CD for Lubuntu 12.10.

When I boot from the CD, I can get to a startup screen that says "Lubuntu 12.10" and lists the current action, but this screen always hangs. Right now, it says "Starting System V runlevel Compatibility", however if I have the machine connected to a network, it says "Starting Mount network filesystems".

What is the nature of this issue? Where can I find better logs of the problem? (/var/log/boot.log doesn't have much helpful info)

UPDATE: I am thinking this may actually be a graphics only issue, as I can get to a command line which looks fine, despite the frozen splash screen.

UPDATE 2: I downloaded the alternate install. I have this now installed on the machine, however it still exhibits the same behaviour. On boot, it freezes, however CTRL+OPT+F1 gets me a fully functional command line.

UPDATE 3: I looked through more logs. In /var/log/lightdm/x-0.log I found:

Fatal server error:
no screens found

Is this driver-related?

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