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I'm new to linux/ubuntu and I have encountered a little problem: After installing x2x (following ubuntu community documentation about x2x) my laptop keyboard no longer works. The x2x system worked great - I was able to control my laptop from the desktop which was ssh'd into it... but the keyboard on the laptop no longer works. I have a dual-boot, and when I boot into lion (it's an early 2008 macbook) the keyboard works fine. Also, if I use a wireless usb mouse/keyboard when in ubuntu they work... just the actual computer hardware doesn't. Help?


  • Installed x2x, worked great
  • Now the keyboard on my laptop dosen't work when logged into Ubuntu, but works in native OS (mac, lion)


Additionally, if I log into a guest account in Ubuntu they keyboard works fine... So I'm assuming there's something wrong just in my main account.

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Also, here are the instructions I followed for x2x: – Pseudo_Scientist Jan 12 '13 at 22:35
You can always edit your question to give additional information. – guntbert Jan 12 '13 at 22:41
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If anyone runs into this problem it turns out I accidentally hit NumLock on the keyboard that was ssh'd into my mac. Hitting numlock again fixed the issue. I'm not a smart man...

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