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I'm using the Ubuntu installer

Should I pick (C:) [39GB free] or (D:) [89GB free]?

I keep all (0.5GB) of files on (D:) and keep installed programs on (C:).

Will anything happen to my files if I choose (D:) or is there any chance of my files being lost?


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Are you planning to use WUBI.EXE? – user68186 Jan 12 '13 at 17:29

If you are running Windows then yes, if you choose to install Ubuntu on (D:) all you data will be erased. This is because Ubuntu uses a totally different formatting system (ext4) than Windows uses (NTFS). Ubuntu won't run on NTFS and Windows won't run on ext4.

At this point you have two options:

1. You can create a new partition for Ubuntu (shrinking one of your others) and install Ubuntu there. NOTE: if your using a newer computer, you might already have four (4) primary partitions, the maximum a hard drive can support. (There are ways around this, but I don't recommend them for new users)

2. Or you can use the Windows installer (WUBI) to safely install Ubuntu inside of Windows in a kind of virtual partition. If you install Ubuntu this way you can uninstall it like any other Windows program, which is great for beginners.

I recommend using WUBI if this is your first time using Ubuntu and aren't sure you want to commit. Using WUBI eliminates accidental mistakes while partitioning, making it a safer route for beginners.

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