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I'm running Quantal Quetzal, and installed MonoDevelop from Synaptic, also gtk-sharp2.

Synaptic installed MonoDevelop

Everything working fine in the IDE with one exception: When I create a gtk# 2.0 project, I cannot see the form designer in the IDE. I can build the project and run it and the winform launches, but in the designer I can see only source code, not the GUI designer, when I open the MainWindow unit, even though view is set to Visual Design. I must be missing a package?

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing that needs to be installed?

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I removed the entire MonoDevelop installation from Synaptic and installed from Software Center, which installed the same version of MonoDevelop: Works fine now.

Synaptic is very powerful and shows more than Software Center, but requires detailed knowledge of all required packages to use properly.

I also tried installing with apt-get on top of the Synaptic installation, but it found nothing missing and nothing to do.

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