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I have an Asus S1-AT5NM10E HTPC which has an integrated IR receiver. On Ubuntu 12.04, I have installed XBMC, but when I press "OK", "Vol +/-" or "Back" on my MCE remote (in fact, a Logitech Harmony 300i configured to emulate an MCE remote), XBMC doesn't seem to detect the signals. However, arrow buttons do work well.

I know that the faulty buttons are detected by the computer because, when I run cat /dev/lirc0, a bunch of weird characters are displayed each time I press one of them. The IR receiver is also able to detect a completely different remote (TV) because another family of characters were displayed.

I have installed lirc (sudo apt-get install lirc) to see the output of irw. Unfortunately, irw didn't output anything.

Thanks to ir-keytable, I could determinate the integrated IR receiver is from Nuvoton:

$ ir-keytable 
Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event4) with:
        Driver nuvoton-cir, table rc-rc6-mce
        Supported protocols: NEC RC-5 RC-6 JVC SONY LIRC other 
        Enabled protocols: LIRC 
        Extra capabilities: <access denied>

Why are some buttons not working? How can I make them work?

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It seems it is a problem of mapping, or something.

Just run sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc, and in the first screen (Remote control configuration:), select Windows Media Center Transceivers/Remotes (all).
In the second screen (IR transmitter, if present:), you can select None.

Now, irw can output text:

$ sudo irw
000000037ff07be1 00 KEY_UP mceusb
000000037ff07be1 01 KEY_UP mceusb
000000037ff07bdf 00 KEY_LEFT mceusb
000000037ff07bdf 01 KEY_LEFT mceusb
000000037ff07bde 00 KEY_RIGHT mceusb
000000037ff07bde 01 KEY_RIGHT mceusb
000000037ff07be0 00 KEY_DOWN mceusb
000000037ff07be0 01 KEY_DOWN mceusb
000000037ff07bdd 00 KEY_OK mceusb
000000037ff07bdd 01 KEY_OK mceusb
000000037ff07bdc 00 KEY_BACK mceusb
000000037ff07bdc 01 KEY_BACK mceusb

And, every buttons in XBMC are detected.

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Thanks. It seems like much of ir-related stuff was moved into the kernel, and lirc used to complicate things. But, I just tried with a clean 14.04.01 and this answer works. Make sure you restart xbmc/kodi after installing lirc. – Ricardo Pardini Nov 1 '14 at 22:12
also, if you have not got lirc installed, and a simple apt-get install lirc solved this for me. thanks – Sverre Jan 10 '15 at 14:59

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