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Using Ubuntu Software Center I can perform a search on an approximate package name and get the matching packages list to select from.

If I work on a remote machine via ssh (i.e. command line only), how do I perform such a search?

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Several options here.

  • apt-cache, which will search in descriptions too, by default:

    # keywords or regular expressions
    apt-cache search keyword1 keyword2
    # same, but limits to name of package
    apt-cache search --names-only packagename
    # shows versions available from each repo
    apt-cache policy packagename
  • aptitude:

    aptitude search packagename

    aptitude has known issues using Multiarch currently, but searching should work though. LP bug #831768

  • dpkg:

    dpkg -l | grep keyword # inefficient because of useless use of grep
    dpkg -l pattern-of-packagename
  • Online:

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