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Can somebody recommend me hardware and software to import VHS Videos to DVD's?

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The beauty of Linux is that there are many ways to do something. Here is a basic solution:


  • Hauppague PVR-150 - PCI card providing MPEG capture in S-Video, Composite, and NTSC broadcast
  • VCR
  • Cables to connect VCR to PVR-150


The software side seems a bit trickier. I use MythTv for my capturing, but it's sort of like using a blow-torch to solder a resistor on a circuit board -- it can be done, but it's really not the right tool. :-)

VLC is probably your best best for what you want to do. It can stream data from the PVR-150 to a file. You will want to have a look at this page on capturing with the PVR-150 to understand how to choose the input source on the PVR-150.

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Here's another tutorial about using using VLC with a PVR-150:… – jwernerny Feb 2 '11 at 20:04

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