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I have tried (and failed) to install Ubuntu 12.10 on a legacy HP/Compaq workstation (an Evo PRO). This did not surprise me, I'd guessed at a 30:70 success:fail ratio and was right. The issue is running Compiz into a generic driver, and on into legacy firmware. I'd done by best, the firmware revision of the box was the latest, but this was released around the XP/Vista transition.

The feeling is that 12.10 is developed around new graphics features, and simply does not want to know about legacy display adapters. if this is so, then frankly I am on-side and support this position. My solution was to do what I'm supposed to do and use 12.04.

Its a pity that !2.10 has no 2G or legacy support, but understandable none the less. Should however this be implicit on the tin?

Regards and thanks / Ed

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Actually, The workings of 12.10 and even 13.04 are proven by my own box running Lubuntu. I upgraded the "old" tin using the "latest" athlon 64 for socket 462. Just to give you an idea for how Legecy it is. The video card is a ATI 9800 pro which came from a Windows ME box.

Best I can say is try Lubuntu here it revived my box.

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