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I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 and I have been trying to make my new keyboard (Logitech K810) and Nokia Phone 700, work with my Thinkpad T410. It just does not work. I have tried the instructions mentioned over here but it still doesn't work.

As for the phone it says that the phone is paired but then gives an error message when I try to transfer files and unexpectedly shuts down.

Any solutions? I'm desperate to make this keyboard work, and I really don't want to revert to Windows!

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Transfering files to an Ubuntu system requires the Obex demon obexpushd to be up and running which is not the case by default. Which is a pity because it renders bluetooth file transfer useless for most users (Ubuntu should start the demon by default - at least if there is a bluetooth device present).

As for the keyboard - I couldn't pair it either. But I manage to use it anyway by:

hidd --search

The biggest drawback is that the connectin lasts unil reboot. One has to press the pairing key on the keyboard each time. Not good. Even worse - I do not know if the connection is encrypted. So I'd rather use the onscreen keyboard for password entry (especially in sensitive environments).

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