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$ head -1 /etc/issue && emacs --version | head -1
Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS \n \l
GNU Emacs 23.3.1

From time to time I get undefined messages in the echo area (that do not show up in buffer *Messages*) about XF86WakeUp. In fact, I C-h led to see that there are 22 such <XF86WakeUp> keys in a row.

Reading How do I prevent the Sleep button from locking the screen

I figured out that the blue Fn-key left to Ctrl does this.

On the other hand, that very same key is needed to enable the Soundoff meaning of Esc, and similar for F1-F12. Just to make this clear: Emacs gets Esc directly. Thus, Esc does not mean Soundoff within Emacs. But Fn-Esc does.

So what is the clean way to fix this without affecting the other Fn keycombinations within Emacs?

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This problem is solved most probably due to a recent update of 12.04.

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