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I am using a virtual Machine in VMware Player 5.01 of Ubuntu 12.04 without a graphical interface and I don't have scroll enabled is there any way to enable it ? Or to use something like a key combo to scroll up and down :)

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You may try if this also works with VMWare Player:… – Takkat Jan 10 '13 at 13:02

Yes, there is1, but unless you have a valid reason to do so, don't even bother using the VMware Player window for command-line stuff. Set up networking and use SSH instead. It's way more powerful than using an hardware-emulated display and graphics driver just for some plain commands.

You might also be interested in using byobu (with or without using SSH):

A question on Unix&Linux very similar to yours:

1 If you really insist on scrolling in a regular TTY (has many flaws): Shift + PageUp

And copy/paste within the same TTY: sudo apt-get install gpm to get a mouse pointer.

But really, those two above are not for daily use!

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If there was a third recipe in footnotes to set scroll limit to infinite that would have been a very informative footnote. – arsaKasra Jan 6 '14 at 10:56

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