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I am running Ubuntu 12.04. In my accounts .bashrc file I have the line

alias ftreport='cd / && sudo tree > /home/<user name here>/Documents/Reports/Tree_$(date +%s).txt'

After typing the command ftreport, I get

bash: /home/<user name here>/Documents/Reports/Tree_<epoc time here>.txt: No such file or directory

The command ftreport must output my system's file tree in my ~/Documents/Reports folder with the file title consisting of "File", an underscore, the epoch time, and ".txt". What is wrong and what should it be?

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Make sure that you change <user name here> to your username. And make sure that you can write in the ~/Documents/Reports folder.

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alias tpsreport='cd / && mkdir -p /home/$(whoami)/Documents/Reports && sudo tree > /home/$(whoami)/Documents/Reports/TPS_$(date +%s).txt && cd -'

Seems to work...

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