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Since upgrading to 12.10 I cant permanently fix overscan on my tv.

Using this code I can fix the overscan

sudo nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DFP-1: 1920x1080 { ViewPortOut=1850x1045+40+20, ViewPortIn=1920x1080 }

But on 12.04 I would simply add this command to startup apps and it would work fine but this does not seem to work on 12.10.

Any suggestions ?

ps I have to enter this code twice in terminal because the first time turns my desktop background black and hides all open windows, but new one will still show up.

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1) You should not have to run nvidia-settings with sudo. 2) How would this work as a startup command whenever sudo asks for a password? 3) Is the quoting at only one end of the command intentional? – gertvdijk Jan 15 '13 at 13:59
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diclaimer: this should work by reading the manpages, but I'm not able to test this at this moment

  1. Create a ~/.nvidia-settings-rc file, containing/adding

    CurrentMetaMode=DFP-1: 1920x1080 { ViewPortOut=1850x1045+40+20, ViewPortIn=1920x1080 }

    Alternatively, run

    nvidia-settings --rewrite-config-file

    to overwrite the ~/.nvidia-settings-rc file with the current state of the X Server settings configuration.

  2. Then edit/create your ~/.xinitrc file:

    nvidia-settings --load-config-only &

    To load the settings from the RC file after logging in as that user.

For more information, read the manpage nvidia-settings(1).

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