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When I pull down a bzr branch using

bzr branch lp:ubuntu/<package name>

I get one set of source files. However, when i go

apt-get source <package name>

I get another. The command


will not work on the first, but it will on the second, and this is the recommended way of building packages from source on Ubuntu, and I think Debian as well (see this question).

If I want to submit a patch to Ubuntu, the easiest way is us bzr to branch the code and then push it back out once I'm done, something that obviously won't work with the apt-get source method since the list of downloaded files are different.

How am I supposed to pull source code down, test a patch, then push it back out? Right now, it seems like I have to test the changes using the apt-get source method before pulling down a branch with bar branch and completely redoing the changes there.

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In order to build from a bazaar branch, the command you are looking for is bzr builddeb or bzr builddeb -S for a source package. This is part of the bzr-builddeb Install bzr-builddeb package.

For further information you should check out the Ubuntu Distributed Development documentation and bzr-builddeb's documentation located at:




The bazaar branch and the package in the archive retrieved with apt-get source should have the same contents. The only reason that I can think of as to why they might differ is if the package importer is failing for the specific package you are interested in. There is a site tracking which packages are failing to import.

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