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In Totem the youtube plugin first loads all the video, taking a lot of time for a video of 5 minutes. Only when all the video is loaded it starts playing it.

Is this normal?

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I don't use Totem with that plugin, but I don't think that is normal, because I develop an extension for Firefox, called FlashVideoReplacer, that loads YouTube videos with other plugins or standalone players and it doesn't require the video to be fully loaded before playing it. Give it a try. Please read the compatibility notes. I recommend using gecko-mediaplayer and smplayer.

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If I install Firefox I'll try it. I'm actually using Chromium. – DrKenobi Jan 29 '11 at 16:05

I use FlashVideoReplacer add-on to play Youtube videos through Totem Browser Plugin 2.30.1 using GStreamer 0.10.28 and I also have this problem, but only when playing flv. Go to FlashVideoReplacer settings and choose MEDIUM quality and "prefer mp4 over flv".

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