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I've tried installing Ubuntu 12.10 both with Wubi and from live CD (USB actually), neither of which was successful.

With Wubi, installing it inside Windows, it gives a black screen after the first reboot. Sometimes it writes:

"Completing the Ubuntu installation. For more installation boot options, press ESC now... 10...9...8... 0"

and than it freezes again. I also tried pressing ESC and, choosing any of the options, it still freezes.

I've searched on the internet and people say to use nomodeset after pressing F6, but I never get to the screen where I can press F6. So I added nomodeset by hand after quiet splash inside the file wubildr-disk.cfg (I also tried to take away the quiet splash without any sucessful result).

I also tried with the regular installation as a dual-boot.

I can copy Ubuntu live CD onto USB key with Unetbootin and when I do the boot from the USB key, it freezes after Unetbootin asks whether to install Ubuntu/try Ubuntu/check for errors on the CD/etc.

Here, I've also tried out the nomodeset trick in the boot file but it failed.

I think the problem is connected with the Nvidia card but I don't now how to solve it.

I have an Acer Aspire 5750G, Intel Core i3, Nvidia GT520m, Windows 7

PS: My first choice would be to install Ubuntu inside Windows (I already had it this way but it blew up when I did the upgrade to 12.04).

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Try setting graphics mode to Integrated in BIOS. I also had the same problem and was able to install Ubuntu by changing this setting. However, Ubuntu does not boot when I change the setting back to original value (I think it was Switchable)

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