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It is possible to run my application with root priviliges using sudo, like this:

sudo ./MyApp

Is it possible to debug my Qt application using root priviliges using QtCreator? How can I do this on an Ubuntu system?

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I solved it by starting Qt Creator as root.

sudo /usr/bin/qtcreator

Now It will get the root permission to the application when I compile and debug. Now its possible to debug my application with root privilege.

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That's a very very very stupid thing to do. I am not trying to be offensive. STUPID in the sense that it's not a smart thing to do. And I am sure that most people would NEVER do this. – iharob Sep 10 '15 at 23:39
Don't be a windows user. Don't run everything as root. – Shahbaz Feb 18 at 20:25

Go to Tools-> Options-> Environment

In the "General" Tab under "System" Group there is a "Terminal" option.

The default is "/usr/bin/xterm -e". Replace it with "/usr/bin/xterm -e sudo" or ""/usr/bin/gnome-terminal -x sudo".

Press "Apply" and "OK" Button.

Under mode selector click on "Projects" Select "Run" Option. Under "Run" Group box select "Run in Terminal"

Remember : sudo option must be there

In fedora edit "/etc/sudoers" -: Google "How to edit sudoers"

Next time when you run the program it will be invoked in a new xterm or gnome-terminal with super user permission and will ask for the root password.

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Running that as root is a horrible idea. Instead, use the source, and make qtcreator use sudo to launch gdb like this. Requires that you run qtcreator from a tty and auth sudo before you launch qtcreator, or configure your user for passwordless sudo (not recommended). I'll code a more complete solution later.

It took me to 1-2 hours code/debug with no prior knowledge of QT. Most that time was spent waiting for the compilation to complete

--- qtcreator-3.0.1.orig/src/plugins/debugger/gdb/gdbprocess.cpp +++ qtcreator-3.0.1/src/plugins/debugger/gdb/gdbprocess.cpp @@ -59,7 +59,11 @@ QByteArray GdbProcess::readAllStandardEr

void GdbProcess::start(const QString &cmd, const QStringList &args) { - m_gdbProc.setCommand(cmd, Utils::QtcProcess::joinArgs(args)); + QStringList sudoArgs; + sudoArgs << cmd << args; + QString sudoCmd = QString::fromUtf8("/usr/bin/sudo"); + + m_gdbProc.setCommand(sudoCmd, Utils::QtcProcess::joinArgs(sudoArgs)); m_gdbProc.start(); }

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I would run the program from a terminal with a GDB server (as root) and then connect to the server with gdb from QtCreator. You would start gdbserver with something like this:

$ sudo gdbserver host:2345 ./MyApp

Here, you are hosting the server with port 2345. You can also check if your application is indeed running with UID 0.

$ sudo ps -u

Now, in Qt Creator, go Debug -> Start Debugging -> Attach to Running Debug Server. Fill in the form... the most important is the port and server address. I chose and 2345. You can select break at main to break at the beginning of the program. GDB server doesn't start the program until you connect.

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