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When you try to go full screen for full resolution, the task panel and the unity bar stay in place. While in 12.04, the game goes into full screen. Why does this happen in 12.10? Is there a way to fix this?

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Open bash script /usr/games/lugaru

Delete code inside and paste this code:


cd /usr/lib/games/lugaru || exit 1
exec ./lugaru -fullscreen
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How do you do bash scripting? –  Michael Scott Feb 3 '13 at 4:11

The other answer works, but removes the help manual and windowed options. A more conservative edit would be:


for arg in "$@"; do
    case "$arg" in
    -h|-help|--help) exec man lugaru ;;
    -windowed) fullscreen="false" ;;

cd /usr/lib/games/lugaru || exit 1
if [ "$fullscreen" = "false" ]; then
    exec ./lugaru -windowed -nomousegrab ${1+"$@"}
    exec ./lugaru ${1+"$@"}

To edit the lugaru script, you need privileges, so run your text editor from terminal:

sudo gedit /usr/games/lugaru
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