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I've fiddled around with my .profile and .bash_profile to speed up some stuff: PATH=$PATH:/home/yoshi/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools

First I appended the line to my .profile and perfect. Then I've read the comments:

> # This file is not read by bash(1), if ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_login
> # exists.

Good Idea! So I've moved it over there (had to create it). And that's how this trouble started. I edit via nano, closed file and terminal window. Started new window from the launcher and get a lonely cursor blinking on a blank screen. No typical foo@bar:~$.
Same problem when switching to a tty session.

Rebooting was possible and now I can login to a tty shell though it's staying blank first and I've to interrupt something (?) via CTRL+C. Sadly this magic doesn't work on unity's terminal. :(

The relevant part of my .profile. I've removed .bash_profile.

# if running bash
if [ -n "$BASH_VERSION" ]; then
    # include .bashrc if it exists
    if [ -f "$HOME/.bashrc" ]; then
    . "$HOME/.bashrc"

# set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then
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I think I need an award for this.

Not knowing ubuntu also has a .profile by default I've edited source .profile to the end of .bashrc

=> ∞

Profile called bashrc, who called profile which called bashrc.... ... facepalm

I managed to find this loop via logging execution of .profile. Adding well placed echo "including X/finding Y" revealed always the same pattern: [...] echo "include .bashrc" which brought me to mischievous source .profile-line :)

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Now that's one i haven't seen. I know what i'm doing to my buddy for April fools day... grins – James Jan 8 '13 at 3:33

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