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Is there anyone who succesfully managed to use an appmenu (what was once called Global Menu in Gnome 2.x) on Xubuntu 12.10?

enter image description here

Before answering please note that I tried with xfapplet (which is no longer available on 12.10) and with this package XFCE appmenu, which depends on the old libindicator6 (on 12.10 there's libindicator7).

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What do you mean by "appmenu"? You have Xfce's Applications Menu and xfce4-whiskermenu. Are you looking for something else? – landroni Jan 13 '14 at 15:35
I was. Appmenu is the Ubuntu "answer" to what was once called Global Menu in Gnome 2.x. However it does not matter anymore, this question is obsolete for me, since it is about a distro that is going to be discontinued soon. – dadexix86 Jan 13 '14 at 15:43
I'm still not clear on what this Appmenu does. Could you provide a link in the original question? – landroni Jan 13 '14 at 15:45
I modified the previous comment :) – dadexix86 Jan 13 '14 at 15:46
OK, thanks. I improved a little the original question. I'm interested myself in how to achieve this in Xfce, but I can't recall to have a read about a solution. (Maybe xfce4-indicator?) – landroni Jan 13 '14 at 15:52

Since this package is already available in the ppa:the-warl0ck-1989/xfce-appmenu-plugin, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Create a personal PPA using your Launchpad account.
  2. Go to ppa:the-warl0ck-1989/xfce-appmenu-plugin and access View package details > Copy packages.
  3. Select the desired package (say, the one for Precise) and copy it to your personal PPA. Change Destination series to whatever you need (here, 12.10 or Quantal). Ensure that Rebuild the copied sources is selected, which will allow the binaries to be built using the available libraries on the chosen distro.
  4. Click Copy Packages.

These instructions are generic and will work for any package that is already available on a Launchpad PPA, and for any distribution currently supported by Launchpad. They can fail, especially if the chosen distribution does not provide a needed library or a specific version of a library.

But it seems to work in this case. For proof of point, check out the xfce4-appmenu-plugin that I copied to my testing PPA. (Ignore that the version string contains 0.10-0~2~precise1: the package was built against Quantal, as you can check in View package details in the Series column.)

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