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My laptop came preinstalled with Windows 7, and recently I tried to install Ubuntu 12.10, but my laptop doesn't boot the cd. I was successful in installing Ubuntu on another laptop with the same cd. I checked all bios options. Also I tried all options of wubi.exe but it didn't work.

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Can you give us a little more information, for instance what laptop you have? – Gerhard Burger Jan 7 '13 at 13:13

Several Things:

1] you can't install Ubuntu properly without removing the Wubi installation (through Control Panel)

2] Have you succeeded in booting the same disc on another computer?

3] Which disk is it? CD_ROM? DVD-R?

4] Which tool/s you used to create it? How did you make all the installation and burn the disk?

5] Why havn't you created a USB ?

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