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I was a hardcore windows user for years. I already tried Ubuntu 12.10 by using wubi. But in my exerpience, the wubi version is feeling a bit too much as a virtual machine version of ubuntu, and I succeed to destroy my wubi install within a few days (noob?).

Here is the problem: I want to run Ubuntu on one of my computers or otherwise I am interested in buying a computer capable of running Ubuntu.

I have a laptop (HP Pavilion DM1), that had no CD-drive, and sees the Ubuntu-USB as USB-floppy during the boot. Which cases a failure on loading the USB. And it does not read the USB when I select it manually. And Wubi is not really an option for me.

I also have another Computer that is brand-less and has parts from very different manufacturers. This PC does not recognize the Ubuntu USB and the Ubuntu CD during a boot.

Another solution would be a new other laptop. But in that case I want a laptop that can run Ubuntu for 100% sure. And it has to be not to expensive. And because I want to use Ubuntu, I don't want to pay for another useless windows serial key. I life in the Netherlands and I really have no idea or there are pay-able (so not overpriced) laptops sold in the Netherlands that have Ubuntu pre-installed, or where ubuntu can be installed on (without paying for another windows licence).

So what do you, the Ubuntu community recommend? Do you have an solution so I could run it on my current computers as dual boot or would it be better to buy a new laptop? And what would be a good laptop to get started with, that are being sold in the Netherlands?

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When you say "Ubuntu-USB" can you tell us how you are try to make it bootable drive? are you aware of this – VRU Jan 7 '13 at 11:38
Hey, Have you REMOVED the Wubi installation completely through control panel ?? – yinon Jan 7 '13 at 14:16
Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Question like this that are open ended should be posted in the Ubuntu Forums, please see the FAQ for what is on-topic here, thanks! – Jorge Castro Jan 7 '13 at 14:36

Buying a new PC

You have several OEMs who offer Ubuntu pre-installed on laptops you may be particularly interested in who are based in the Netherlands, otherwise the whole list is just below:

Otherwise you can have a look at the different laptop brands which could work on Ubuntu using the Ubuntu Certification Site. You can check up the reports on your hardware components one by one there, and most mainstream laptop configurations will be listed there. I'm not sure but some smaller computer manufacturers might also be able to sell you a laptop without an Operating System which is an option if you want to buy a new one. There is a detailed question on this site which goes into even further detail if you need:

Using your current hardware:

Otherwise if you have an external CD-drive you could retry booting from a CD with your brandless computer using that. As for your HP Pavilion you could try the same thing as well, although it might also be worth a try to install different releases, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10 in case one of them work, its always worth a shot.

As for knowing what options you have in the Netherlands, it might be worth trying to contact your local Ubuntu team: Ubuntu Loco Netherlands who will probably have a bit of experience helping users in your case.

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If you do not play games, I think most of recent laptops are your candidates regardless of video cards. Normally, or in my experience, the only thing you must care is wireless cards. You should check the device list on the ubuntu forum .

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