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I have found my old Compaq Armada E500 laptop and I thought Xubuntu would run fine on it. I burned a CD with Xubuntu 12.10 32bit and loaded it up, but all I could hear is the constant seeking of the CD head, I couldn't even reach the language selector menu.

I tried burning the CD 3 times, even on RW media. I tried to defragment the ISO before burning it to CD but none of them helped. This is not the first time I encountered this problem with a different laptop (but that was old as well), I thought back then that the CD was poorly written.

Windows XP install, Debian or GParted CD loads fine (so the DVD ROM should be OK) on this E500, and the Xubuntu install CD load fine as well on a Lenovo X230 and does not seek a lot.

Is it possible that I need to write the CD with different settings so that it works well in an older (9-10 years old) DVD-ROM? I burned the CD with 16x speed, with Infrarecorder (in Windows 7).

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Compaq Armada E500 laptops had 128Mb of RAM, Xubuntu requires 256 Mb of RAM to install and 512Mb is strongly recommended to run it. Although you may try the alternative installer which only requires 64Mb.

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