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I installed Windows 7, out of 500GB hard disk partition planned like:

  • 100 GB allocated for Windows
  • 360 GB for Ubuntu - (approx.)

At the time of Windows installation:

  • 100 GB space is used for the Windows 7. (NTFS format)
  • Rest ~360 GB was not done anything. Left as unallocated space.

Ubuntu 12.10 installation, 360 GB space:

  • Selected the option "Something else" instead of "Dual Boot with Windows 7"
  • 8 GB (used as swap area, EXT4 format, logical memory)
  • 350 GB ( used for the /, EXT4 format, logical memory)

But after Ubuntu installation only Windows comes up and I am unable to boot into Ubuntu.

So I installed EasyBCD software in Windows 7, in order to use GRUB2, then I was able to go to the Ubuntu menu, but the partition of 350 GB is not visible !!

When tried to access as root, the 350 GB partition was not available, due to permission problems!!

  • Can you please help me out?
  • What's wrong in the above process? i.e. which installation went wrong?

Thanks, Santhosh C Rao

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Are you able to boot into Ubuntu Operating system? –  Danial Jose Jan 6 '13 at 16:28
What is the size of your computer's RAM? –  Danial Jose Jan 6 '13 at 16:32
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