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Hi I am not very experienced with user management in ubuntu. I needed to create a new user to manage my application server so following some instructions online, this is what i did:

I became root

sudo -i

I added a group

addgroup jbossgroup

I added a user and assigned it to a group

useradd -g jbossgroup jboss

I created a password

passwd jboss

Then I changed the ownership of a folder to check that the user was correctly created and that working fine.

chown jboss:jbossgroup /opt/jboss-as-7.1.1.Final/ -R

I made this user sudoer

gpasswd -a jboss sudo

But i think this is not working since when I use mkdir or rm... in a folder owned by root, i have to type sudo.(Did i do this step correctly?)

The next thing I noticed was that when i changed to the newly created user, the terminal only displayed this:


So I fixed that by doing this as the jboss user:

chsh -s /bin/bash

I have some doubts

  • Did I correctly create this user and is it safe to work with it?

  • Why the name of the user doesn't appear in the drop down menu when I click the shutdown button(Next to the time in the top right corner of the screen)?

  • Also I noticed that in the home folder there is not a jboss folder. Why this was not created?

  • What other features this user might be missing?

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Rather than with useradd you should create a new user with adduser. See e.g.…,… – Takkat Jan 6 '13 at 15:00
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You could have achieved your goal in only three steps:

sudo adduser jboss

sudo passwd jboss you have to supply the password :)

sudo adduser jboss sudo adds jboss to the group sudo

And please be aware that gpasswd is the wrong tool to add a user to a group!

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