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Yesterday I created an Ubuntu installation CD. Installation process went well, I created some new partitions, waited through the whole installation process and within 30 minutes it was finished. Then it asked me to remove my CD and press enter, which I did. Then it re-booted into Windows 7 (my main OS), but I wanted to boot into Ubuntu instead. It didn't show any boot up screen or anything else for OS selection.

I've tried looking up some tutorials I even tried alt + f12 but that didn't help either.

My specs are: 1TB hard drive 8 GB RAM intel 5 NVIDIA GTX 560

I wanted to dual boot for a while and I really want this problem fixed, I'm currently on the "Try Ubuntu" and that works all well etc.

Thanks already,


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with live CD put in terminal

$sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdX

$sudo update-grub

$sudo reboot

Where sdaX means, your hard disk which is booting. If only physical disk is there it should be sda

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