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I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.10 on my laptop: Toshiba A-665 - i7 1.7 GHz - 4Gb RAM - nVidia GeForce GTS350M.

After Ubuntu boot it always freezes in the purple loading screen, with the logo on it.

I've checked the ISO file, the LiveCD and re-downloaded and re-written the ISO many times, also tried with LiveUSB. Conclusion: The Ubuntu live environment just won't start, I even tried to install other Linux distros, such as Opensuse 12.2 and also gave me the same problem exactly.

I get exactly the same results with using different video modes and kernel options. I even used the text mode an nothing helped.

To clarify:

I turn on my laptop boot from the Ubuntu Live edition. Boot screen appears and the purple screen with the logo appears, starts filling up those orange Dots, the icon stops filling at this point and the DVD Drive stops spinning, as does the disk-usage light on my laptop. And I can't open the DVD Drive tray, with no response at all. No errors appears. No response at all from the keyboard, I have to hold down the power button to reboot.

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Have you tried to install with a bootable usb?

You can download Unetbootin and choose Ubuntu from the Distribution menu and it do automatically.


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i tried that !! .... and it didn't work – Ahmed mak Jan 6 '13 at 11:28

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