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I like Unity a lot for its gorgeous dash and panel look, the global menu and HUD, the super+# shortcuts and that's it. I really hate it for the stupid launcher and its general inflexibility compared to almost every other DE (including Windows) as probably most of us do.
I would much rather have cinnamon's or mate's modularity but I can't switch to these because I just cannot do without Unity's best features and Compiz as far as I know is unrivalled.

So my question is how can I have some sort of Unity + cinnamon? Can I tweak Unity into looking more like cinnamon? Are there any tools out there to replace the panel or even add an extra panel layer on top of it? So far I've been doing just that to some extent, using tint2 (amazing tool btw) on top of the Unity panel since the launcher is no good : unity + tint2

I'd also like rock solid stability so I was wondering if in that regard installing Debian Stable + Unity + tint2 + whatever-you-can-suggest would be better than the 12.04 Ubuntu I have right now. If it is I won't hesitate, I don't mind tweaking and learning.

And if by miracle you could get me Compiz awesomeness and Unity's good features without these 2, I'd immediately go for it, e.g. I hear KDE can emulate almost any desktop with enough tweak.

I ask this question on AskUbuntu because I feel many Ubuntu users are frustrated with this dilemma as well and as such are really likely to have looked into that before I did, if not feel free to redirect. Thank you.

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