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I am using chroot in a script, the purpose is to run a command, here is chroot syntax:


The problem is the command I am running needs to take a variable defition, like this -

chroot   /myroot   FOO=BAR  my_cmd

But when I do this, I get error message bash : FOO=BAR, no such file or directory, looks like the first position must be command.

Is there a workaround of this?

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This seems to work:

$ sudo FOO=bar chroot /srv/Chroot/precise-i386/ env | grep FOO
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You can also use alias here . for example

alias foo= 'your command '

place this command in your bashrc with

gedit .bashrc

then do source .bashrc

do all these in your terminal .

some one edit my post to put it in format because I'm doing this from my mobile .

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