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i want to autostart Conky in Ubuntu 12.04 / XFCE. I tryed to start this script with "automatic starting applications" in sessions options:

sleep 6

But it does not work.

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Provided that you installed your conky correctly use the following:

Name a file .conky_startup and put the following lines in it:

sleep 10 && conky ;

Put the file in your home directory (the directory with your username).

Next go to Session and Startup and the tab Application Autostart , create a new entry with Add and fill in a name and a discription and the path to .conky_startup. Than reboot and conky should start. You might have to change the sleeptime a bit for the best result.

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You don't need a script for an easy command like that.

Option 1: With GUI

You can add a new entry with the GUI xfce4-session-settings, in Settings > Session & Startup > Application autostart :

Name = Conky

Comment = Autostart conky at login

Command = sh -c "sleep 10; conky;"

Option 2 : Manually (commandlines)

You can add a new file.desktop (autostart files) in $HOME/.config/autostart :

mousepad ~/.config/autostart/conky.desktop

Paste this in the Mousepad window :

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=sh -c "sleep 10; conky;"
Comment=Autostart conky at login


Option 3 : with only one commandline (TADAAAM!)

echo -e '[Desktop Entry]\nType=Application\nExec=sh -c "sleep 10; conky;"\nName=Conky\nComment=Autostart conky at login' | tee > ~/.config/autostart/conky.desktop

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So I was having the same trouble starting Conky and came up with this after looking at various posts on the net, I'm not sure how sleep was a good choice as it is a system function so nothing happens/executes for that duration.

This solution is ideal for Xfce4 users, no other desktop testing has been performed however it should work, so comment if it works on other desktops.

1, Create a launcher on your desktop for Conky. (right click the desktop)

2, Use the -p switch and specify a start pause duration, 15 seconds works well, so conky -p 15 .

3, If you use other switches when you start Conky add them first like, Conky -dqp 15 .

4, Save your launcher and add it to your ~/.config/autostart user directory.

5, Logout and log back in and what Conky appear.

Hope this helps... enjoy

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