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I had ssmtp installed on my local desktop, due to some testing.

now I uninstalled it with apt-get remove and in automatcally installed lsb-invalid-mta

If I try to uninstall that too, it will install postfix.

how do i remove all mail programs at all?

or are they removed now?

(lsb-invalid-mta is a dummy)

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From the description of lsb-invalid-mta:

This package contains nothing else than a fake /usr/sbin/sendmail command to fulfill the LSB's requirement of providing this command without requiring an MTA to get installed, which once introduces a daemon which can cause security problems and second, users get asked questions about how they want their MTA configured when in reality they simply wanted to install a deskltop application or a printer driver, but the dependency on LSB compliance pulls in an MTA with the installation.

So why not just leave lsb-invalid-mta installed?

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ok thanks. Then I will leave it as it is – rubo77 Jan 5 '13 at 18:06

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