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I am currently trying to use Ubuntu 9.04 live CD (it's what I had when my computer took a dump) to copy some Windows files from an old drive to a new drive. I'm using cp -Rvf source dest. The issue I'm having is that during copying, the process will hang on files of varying file extensions (.exe, .cat, .url). When I look at the files that are causing the issue, Ubuntu lists their file type as "pipe". I'm not having this issue with all files having these extensions, only the ones that Ubuntu thinks is a "pipe". Looking at the files I can't determine any pattern to why fileA.exe is identified as a program while fileB.exe is identified as a pipe.

How do I get cp to stop hanging on these files and/or get Ubuntu to always properly identify these file types?

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did you consider using rsync? did you check the permissions of these files? – don.joey Jan 5 '13 at 9:29
The permissions are the same. I wasn't going to use rsync because I had read that it took longer. However it's been running most of the day and hasn't hung up once. When my job finally finises and I don't have any issues I will mark this answered. – gorideyourbike Jan 6 '13 at 1:18

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