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I am running ubuntu 12.04 and yesterday i installed a few updates. i cant recall which. Afterwards i shut down the pc.

Today when booting up, i can see strange artifact behaviour in the login screen. a few black blocks appeared. and as i type my password i can see some white jibber appearing in the black blocks.

when providing my password and logging in, the computer freezes (black screen), monitors go into sleep mode and all i can do is force off the pc.

However i am able to log in succesfully as guest !! How can i troubleshoot my pc, i noticed i can not sudo from the quest account.

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check out this link : – Mukund Jan 5 '13 at 7:55

Problem solved :

Pressings crtl+alt F2 i switched to console then i removed openarena

sudo apt-get remove openarena-server

Reboot and the problem was solved. I tried this when i noticed openarena server was started during boot.

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