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How can it be achieved so that every command that is entered, is visible in every open terminal's history?

When having multiple terminals open, the history isn't shared, i.e. what you entered in one terminals history, doesn't show up in another one. Think of an alternative to Bash's PROMPT_COMMAND="history -a" (which saves the history before the prompt is beeing displayed).

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In the .zshrc file, the following values accomplish this:

  • To save every command before it is executed (this is different from bash's history -a solution):

    setopt inc_append_history
  • To retrieve the history file everytime history is called upon.

    setopt share_history

Related for bash:

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"SHARE_HISTORY: This option both imports new commands from the history file, and also causes your typed commands to be appended to the history file (the latter is like specifying INC_APPEND_HISTORY, which should be turned off if this option is in effect)." (From manual emphasis added) i.e. just the INC_APPEND_HISTORY option will do what you want. – artfulrobot Oct 20 '14 at 10:30

If you can use Robby Russell’s awesome OhMyZSH, it's History plugin will take care of this and more.


That includes setopt inc_append_history.

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